Malditas plumas

PREMIERE: Paranimf UJI, Castelló de la Plana, 16th October 2020

KIND: Indoor show

DURATION: Duration 60′


Malditas plumas explores the different episodes in the life of a character, performed by Sol Picó, on a journey that shifts between tenderness and decline. In this story, the audience learns about this vedette of El Paral·lel and shares her memories and experiences… But what if she never was a performer and this is only her dreams, her lifelong hopes, her unfulfilled desires? Perhaps all is merely delirium, which, although transporting us to a very specific place and time, also connects us with the most human and, therefore, universal of feelings: fear of death, of decline, of loss… of ceasing to be.

Inspired by the genre of the Spanish revue and its picaresque style, this show plays with transformation, audience interaction and the blurring between fiction and reality, always with the irony and sense of humour that characterise the language of Sol Picó.