Paella Mixta

1st June 2004

TNC of Barcelona

Indoor and outdoor show

Duration 75′


Four essential ingredients make out Paella Mixta, they are these four characters, a curious mix between some kind of monks that came out of some strange order and funny characters that seem to come from a comic book, they make us part of their own rituals, and they transmit us the strong presence of the world that surrounds them…a noisy world, unstoppable and too fast, that runs in front of our eyes, angry and restless. A world that like them sometimes is seductive and others combative, but that at the same time it is our world.


This is not a horror story.
Your shadow is not here.
If you distance yourself form something, the loss will be unbearable.
Don’t be afraid.
Don’t flee.
There is something always happening and that something is good.
Nobody is going to take you from your huts.
Don’t be afraid.
You are simply the entourage, the album, an esteemed companion, the rest.
Txiki Berraondo

“I think that today I would be happy if someone put a bullet through my head if I had been really happy just once in my life.”