Matar al Bicho

5th October 2010

Centre d´Arts Santa Mònica (Barcelona)

Indoor and outdoor show

Duration 20′

A chance encounter between two women, friends, colleagues and residents in Barcelona.

Mariona Sagarra an outstanding cook and Sol Picó, a different butcher.

From the living room of their home they will show its unique recipe to kill anything that eats them inside.

Artistic team

Choreographer and dancer: Sol Picó

Singer and pianist: Mariona Sagarra

Costumes: Cia Sol Picó y Kike Blanco

Scenography, atrezzo and technician: Kike Blanco

Manager and production: Pia Mazuela

Production assistant and road manager: Daphné Malherbe

Photographers : Rojobarcelona (Roman Rubert and Joan Manrique)