Llàgrimes d´àngel

17th March 2012

MNAC of Barcelona

Indoor show

Duration 45′

The finest collection of Romanesque art in the world, now seen from the perspective of dance, song and music. Four performers, led by Sol Picó, give us their particular interpretation of Romanesque art and take us on an original tour of the collection of the MNAC.

Artistic team

Artistic direction: Sol Picó
Dancers:  Sol Picó and Verónica Cendoya
Musicians: Adele Madau (violin) and Mariona Sagarra (voice)
Music Original adaptations and compositions by Adele Madau and Mariona Sagarra
Props: Sol Picó Cia Dansa
Production and manager: Pia Mazuela
Production assistant: Daphné Malherbe
Communication: Núria Aguiló
Coordination at the MNAC Department of Activities: Norma Vélez

Company subsidies by:

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