La Divadivina

24th August 2004

Fòrum de les Cultures (Barcelona)

Outdoor show

Duration 20′

In the form of a comic and with a good dose of surrealism this is the story of a diva who comes from up high and on her way comes down in the world. She is suffocated in her own divaism, full of solitude, desperately trying to find a way down to the real world with people who understand her, but instead she finds a cruel world, full of incommunication, of strange people who manipulate her, envelop her, wear her out and try to make her insane.

Artistic team

Direction & Choreography: Sol Picó

Assistant Direction: Pablo Molinero

Autor: Sol Picó and Kike Salgado

Human Cannonball: Kike Salgado

Interpreters: Ana Criado, Monica Muntaner, Sonia González, Nestor Garcia, Xevi Dorca,  David Nieto, Xaro Campo, Maribel Martínez, Lola López

Set & illumination: Oscar de Paz

Cannon: Los Demendez

Cannon’s construction: Jordà Ferrer: Antigua&Barbuda & Kike Salgado

Sound design: Carlos Gómez

Music: Lhasa and Nacho Mastretta

Musical arrangements: Carles López

Customs: Company Sol Picó y Los Demendez

Customs arrangements: Clara Pérez

Production: Pia Mazuela

Assistant Production: Pilar López

Production Human Cannonball:   Cocoproductions – Jenny Vila


Company subsidies by:

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