El llac de les mosques

5th March 2009

Mercat de les flors (Barcelona)

Indoor show

Duration 60′


“Perhaps a good spin can change your life”

…. of what happened to Snow White when she got married to Prince Charming… she entered the palace and she got depressed; neither adapting nor accepting nor agreeing. How easy it is to win the world and lose your soul. The wrinkles appeared and happiness disappeared… What great times those were with the dwarfs!

Better not to look at yourself at the mirror or ask yourself questions, just in case…

Reinvent yourself or die and if we all have to die, then let’s hope we are at peace.


Sol Picó


Our forties?-The good thing about being in your forties is that it is a good excuse to change your life. Be selfish, leave your children and husband and throw yourself into the void of a new relationship, or not. To be in a bad mood just ‘because’ or to go wild -all because of mid-life crisis.

And our fifties? The long awaited menopause. And our sixties? Nicking stuff in the supermarket without ending up in prison, the trip of a lifetime and the long-awaited retirement.

Are we just carrying around too much baggage?

Do we even know what we are carrying around in our backpack?

Is our genetic inheritance weighing us down?

Perhaps the solution for giving up smoking is the menthol cigarettes that our mothers used to smoke?

Do we all have the same uncertainty?

When we reach a certain age it is fairly normal and dare I say recommendable to stop and reflect on our lives.

I propose a round-the-world trip with Aphrodite and her rocket-launching breasts remote controlled by the Mala Sombra (Bad Shadow) brothers.

I propose an adventure, a round trip, looking forwards and backwards, up and down -I feel sea sick!

How did we manage to get here? What else is there left to do? What haven’t we been able to do or achieve so far?