Bésame el Cactus

2000/ 2001

Indoor show

Duration 55′

A dance and theatre piece of Sol Picó. A risky and solid work, engaging as it is dynamic, consuming and fun.


It is Sol Picó´s cherished hope to come out of this unharmed. She transforms an obstacle course of confrontations into a passion game filled with humour and dynamism.

It is inventive with a refined technique of airs of an ingenious serpent or a cheeky fairy tale gnome; all this mixed with an unending appeal for audience complicity makes for a staging of passionate encounters which brim with charm.

Sol Picó has not come into the world of dance to maintain a tradition. On the contrary, as a transgressor, it is her aim to push the invisible limits of the “forth wall” in a heterodox use of theatre elements.

In Kiss Me a Cactus, Sol Picó proposes a series of intense images stripped of the superfluous. The action unfolds in an stenography of a mere 4 elements. All the scenes make reference to fear and danger which forms the basis of the show.

The simplicity of the idea put forward (which in reality hides the omplexity our imaginations and vital experiences can bring to it), cuts the distance between the audience and protagonist creating the sensation of complicity in all that happens to her.

This intimate choreography and the generosity and credibility which Sol Picó transmits on stage creates the necessary ingredients for a climate of confidence necessary in an open dialogue about such prickly subjects.

Fitxa artística

Coreografia i direcció:  Sol Picó
Propostes dramatúrgiques i Direcció teatral: Txiki Berraondo
Intèrpret:  Sol Picó / Sonia González
Actor-maquinista:  Joan Manrique
Escenografia: Lali Canosa
Vestuari:  Valeria Civil
Disseny de il·luminació:  Sylvia Kuchinow i Gina Cubeles
Tècnic de il·luminació:  Manu Martínez
Assistència de coreografía:  Carme Vadell
Assessoria musical:  Eva Brown
Banda sonora: Jordi Riera
Textos:  Rafael Metlikovez
Producció:  Pía Mazuela

Co-productors:  Companyia Sol Picó, Teatres de la Generalitat Valenciana, Centre Coreogràfic Comunitat Valenciana

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