Amor Diesel

28th June 2002

Festival Viva Cité de Sotteville-lès-Rouen, France

Outdoor show

Duration 50′


Diesel Love is a spectacle born from a Sol Picó’s old idea of creating a dancing piece on a digger. After a co-directing experience with Kike Blanco in D.V.A. – Dubious Artistic Value – a necessity of keeping working together appears; and also the idea of going on creating dancing shows specially conceived for large open spaces.

With this intention in mind, the idea of a large dimensions show for a huge number of spectators but without a too complicated logistic effort starts being developed in a joint-production work between Sol Picó Dancing Company and La Viuda, Kike Blanco’s current company.

Diesel Love is a fifty minutes dancing piece for three ballerinas and three diggers. A great love story of three women who coming back home from a party at any night, ending up by being victims of a shameless Stockholm Syndrome. A surrealistic story – as all stories – in which actually no one exists.


SHE – I’m worried, this way on there is a sunflowers field that stare at me when I pass by their side and whisper between them. When I turn round they all dissemble looking at the sun.

After all it is not so strange my fondness for petrol. At long last we will be able to make some money when problems appear.

MACHINE –  Rrrrr….

SHE – I guess I’m starting to like you, my little machine

MACHINE –  Rrrrr….

SHE –  Now that you have won me, you will go away, and then I’ll have to tie my heart up with a rope in order not to loose it; … I don’t know. Maybe I should stuff you and then set you up on the dinning-room, but you are really huge and I even don’t know what to do with the petrol puddles you leave me all over the house.

MACHINE –  Rrrrr….

SHE – You could do something for your part, couldn’t you? Or at least stop purring!

MACHINE –   Rrrrr….

SHE – My parents already told me; look for another one, you won’t get anything out from someone who does nothing but casting up fumes, he will dig a trench and then he’ll get as far away as possible.