Sol Picó

Choreographer and dancer living in Barcelona, Sol Picó dominates the classical, contemporary and Spanish dance technique. Three disciplines that you can feel totally in the choreographic work, although framed in the contemporary expression of the dance. She formed her first Dance Company Robadura in 1988 but it is with the company that bears her name, Sol Picó Compañía de Danza created at 1993, which has developed her unique personal stamp. A label that makes sense both in her creative language and interpretation as in the name of her works. Razona la vaca (1995), E.N.D. (This is not Dance, 1998), in D.V. (Doubtful Artistic Value, 1999), Besame el cáctus (2001), La divadivina y el Hombre bala, women lack or Barbie Superestar (2003), the Cheeta’s cousin (2006), Las Doñas (2007), Sirena a la plancha (2008) Lake of flies (2009), kill the bug (2010), Petra, la mujer araña y el putón de la abeja Maya (2011), Memories from a fly (2012) or One-hit wonders (2014), piece commemorating the 20 years of experience of the company, are some examples and some mounts this creator.
She studied at Movement Research in New York City, contemporary dance techniques, and worked as a performer and choreographer in the early years of her career, with diverse companies and artists as Robouldanse, Lightning Malayo Danza and the Art company Total Los Rinos. The short film directed by Octavio House and herself, The64, dance shortfilm filmed in a bus and the video-dance Don’t Paris from filmmaker Joan Pueyo, where she appears as a dancer and choreographer, among others complete a career in which there is no shortage of the awards.The National dance award 2016 category creation, The Max Award of scenic Arts as best dance performance, Best Choreography and best performer of Female Dance for Bésame el Cáctus in 2002 and 2003, for best show and best choreography for La dona Manca…In 2004, best show for Mermaid grilled, for best choreography for Paella mixta in 2005 and best choreography for the Lake of the flies in 2009 as well as the National dance award by la Generalitat de Catalunya in 2004, are some of the awards that has Sol Picó.