Social project

In 2009 the company Sol Pico starts a new adventure, a pilot project, that aims to mitigate the problem of social integration of immigrant children in the neighborhood of Poble Sec and using the imagination, stimulate creativity, communication and citizenship. The interest of the school Carles I, located in the neighborhood, in helping with this project had especially encouraged us to take it forward.

The project aims to assist and promote social cohesion in the neighborhood of Poble Sec, through an experience where neighborhood children work and study with professional theater world, considering the performing arts as a field of exchange and universal language where everything is only.

Since 2009, thanks to the involvement of the teachers of the school Carles I (a school with a high rate of students, children of immigrant) were taught weekly classes for elementary students. They have also conducted other activities and have been very successful. We are referring to visits to institutions such as the Institut del Teatre of Barcelona or intensive workshops that take place in July in La Piconera with a group of mixed children (sons and daughters of immigrants and natives).

The project consists of different activities that complement each other and seek to offer different perspectives on the world of the performing arts to young people who are targeted in the initiative:

1. Weekly classes

Performing arts professionals move to schools involved in the project. From 201o to 2012 the company taught the Body Language Workshop to the children of primary school Carlos I. Since 2012 all classes are taking place at the headquarters of the company, La Piconera.

2. Summer dance intensive workshop.

This workshop is held in La Piconera, the headquarters of the company located in the same neighborhood of Poble Sec. It consists in an intensive five days workshop; children work dance and other artistic disciplines: music, painting, reading … Previous experiences have had a very positive assessment by teachers, parents and students. The workshop involved school students and other children in the area, not necessarily from other nationalities. This is one of the factors that enhances work together.