Sol Picó is selected, along with Asun Noales and Gustavo Ramírez, to choreograph the first show of the company Joven de Alicante, called NEXOS.

During 2018 she continues offering workshops and courses in several centers:

– In the Master in theatrical creation of the Carlos III University of Madrid
– At the National Academy of Dance of Rome
– In the Beckett Room
– At the Performing Arts Center L’Excèntrica
– For the AAPDC in the Caldera
– In the Teacher Center of Malaga

She collaborates in various galas and events such as the Catalunya aixeca el teló , the Closing of the Year Fabra at the TNC and the two tributes to Carlos Santos, one held in Valencia on October 10th and the other in Castellón de la plana on November 23th


Production of the new show of the company DANCING WITH FROGS continues, with premiered on October 7th, 2017 at the C.C Conde Duque in Madrid.

Choreography and directed 20 students of the Barcelona Higher Dance Conservatory in the street piece HALAB, presented at the Festival Sismògraf d’Olot in the month of April.

Choreography the advertising campaign for the Banc Sabadell Acompañarte.

As a teacher, she continues her collaboration with the Master in theatrical creation of the Carlos III University of Madrid and teaches a workshop for professional dancers at the National Academy of Dance in Rome, Italy.

Participates as a jury in the following events: Ciutat de Barcelona Prize in the dance category, Roma Dance Prize 2017 awarded by the National Dance Academy of Rome and the National Dance Prize awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.


Tour of the theatrical piece SÓLO SON MUJERES by Carme Portaceli, where she acts as a dancer.

Performs the choreography of the opera Carlos V premiered at the Festival de Granada.

It offers several sessions within the program with the Catalan secondary schools La Aventura of being an artist of the Diputació de Barcelona. The conferences were held in the towns of Granollers, Terrassa, Cornellà, Teià, Sabadell, Gavà, Cornellà and Molins de Rei.

As a teacher, he continues his collaboration with the Master in theatrical creation of the Carlos III University of Madrid.

She is invited as a lecturer to the following events: CultHuntingLab at the Arts Santa Mónica in Barcelona, an event organized by the APDC at the Fabra i Coats in Barcelona. She collaborates with the pianist Marco Mezquida in a piece titled CITA A CIEGAS represented at the Artte venue in Barcelona.

Make an action-performance with the singer and composer MARIONA SAGARRA at the Museu d’Història de Catalunya

She collaborates with Guillem Albà in his show MARABUNTA AND FRIENDS.

The production of her new show DANCING WITH FROGS begins.


Collaboration with the singer Uma Ymasat in the Festival Pepe Sales of Girona

Performances with the musical group MIS in several performances like in Olot or in the Grec Festival Barcelona.

Choreographies of the musical film CERCA DE TU CASA of Bausan Films.

Choreographer of the Cor Infantil Amics de la Unió, for a new performance of the choir.

She takes part in the cast of the work NOMÉS SÓN DONES as one of the main characters, piece directed by Carme Portaceli and premiered at the National Theatre of Catalonia.

Dances with the Barcelona Jazz Orchestra   in the recording of the DVD about the group.

She keeps collaborating with the Auditori of Barcelona, where she works as stage director of the concert series for young audiences entitled ” A tot vent “.


Sol keeps collaborating with the Auditori of Barcelona, where she works as stage director of the concert series for young audiences entitled ” A tot vent “.

Sol is also invited to participate with a short performance at the awards ceremony of the Importantes awards, organized by the newspaper La información of Alicante.

She also offers several sessions within the program with catalan high schools Aventura d’artistes of the Barcelona Provincial Council. Conferences are held in Igualada and Sabadell.

Sol also was invited to deliver a master class at the Institut del Teatre and to be one of the teachers of the Master in theater creation by Carlos III University of Madrid. In December she also teaches a workshop at the dance school Pilar Sanchez.

The 26th April takes part in the presentation of the show Himne Tectònic –un concert en moviment- of the musical improvisation collective M.I.S.

As choreographer and movement assistant collaborates with the group Barcelona Clarinet Players.

Special guest at the Martirio concert in the Teatre Barts de Barcelona, included in the tour De un mundo raro. Cantes por Chavela.


Movement assistant at QUAN DESPERTEM D’ENTRE ELS MORTS directed by Ferran Madico and premiered at TNC.

Participation at the GALA FLAMENCA, closing of the Flamenco Festival London of Sadler’s Wells.

Choreographer of the light opera VIENTO (ES LA DICHA DE AMOR) directed by Andrés Lima for the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid.


Direction of the choreographies of the gala show for Gaudí Awards.

Participation in the videoclip ¿Por qué no estás aquí? of the singer Dácil López.

Participation as a teacher in the workshops of Animalarius in Madrid and in Juneda InCursió in Lleida.

Collaboration with the Auditori de Barcelona as a choreographer of the Banda Municipal de Barcelona.


Collaboration in the show  “Salvador Dalí canta” in the Festival Acústica of Figueres

Participation in the opening of the season of the Teatre Archipel of Perpignan

Participation in the special programm of New Year’s Eve of TV2 “Un cuento para año nuevo”.

Creation of the piece LLÀGRIMES D’ÀNGEL, for the MNAC.


Guided visit of the exposition “Picasso looks at Degas” in the Picasso Museum of Barcelona “Vist per…Sol Picó”.


Artistic direction for the puppet and music show with the singer Mariona Sagarra and the puppet man Eugenio Navarro  at the “la Puntual” place.

Short movie PRAELUDIUM with the director Pau Durà.

Dancer, actress, choreographer for the show EL BALL with the director Sergi Belbel, premiered at the TNC.


Artistic direction for the 2007 Max award ceremony at Bilbao.

Artistic direction of the show VIATGES A LA FELICITAT for the project “T Dansa” of the TNC.

In December  premiered the piece “ENCUENTRO”  with Israel Galván at the Guggenheim Museum of Bilbao. To celebrate the International Contemporary Dance Festival of Bilbao, Dantzaldi’07, hosted an “interpretive duel” between the contemporary dancer Sol Picó and the sevillian flamenco dancer Israel Galván on 4th and 5eh December 2007. The were accompanied by the flamenco basque singer David Lagos and the guitarist Alfredo Lagos in the hall of the Guggenheim Museum where the spectacular steel sculptures of Richard Serra where exposed.


Sol Picó was the resident dance company of Teatre Nacional de Catalunya.


Rayo Malayo in NO ES TODO METAL


Sigfrid Monleon in the short film OJOS QUE NO VEN, Joan Pueyo in the Vídeo-Dance NO PARIS

La Fura del Baus in the show DADLE CAFÉ

La Danaus in ETRANGEL

Juan Lopez, in FILO

La Fura del Baus in XXX

Joan Ollé in CRONIQUES

Carme Portaceli in LEAR and HAMLET=MAQUINA.

Octavi Masià, short film EL 64.

Aixalà and Marcel·lí Antúnez, in the short film RETRATS.