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15 Nov 2016

Sol Picó is the new Spanish National Dance Award 2016

We are very pleased to receive the Spanish National Dance Award 2016.
For a career full of happiness, pride and also full of much effort and much hard work.
Congratulations also to Joaquin de Luz  for his award.
Thank you very much to all of you for your support and your fidelity .
And we will keep  continue dancing and we are still figthing to bring the dance to everyone!!!
photo by Erin Bassa photographer
12 Sep 2016

Sol picó will present her new project in process inside the IETM Valencia

Sol Picó will present her new project in process, within the programming of the IETM Valencia international meeting, on 4th November in the Teatre Musical.

It will be a “work in process”, of the new project Dancing with Frogs” (provisional title), where she is spoken about masculinity and all that surrounds it.

Sol will make a small sample of how she works, what materials she is finding during the process, and after the small demonstration, there will be a talk with the audience, to bring it closer to the creative process of the new project in development, by opening a dialogue with the audience.

08 Sep 2016

Sol Picó will start a new production in september

Sol picó will begin in September a new production, after the success of “We, women, with the intention of talk about the masculinity, reflecting, questioningly and analyzing this world, the other half, the biological complement of the female.

Related with these reasoning, appear a series of concepts, on which Sol Picó will work on it with a team chosen by a laboratory audition, that will have place from the 20 to the 23 of September: the patriarchy, the hiper-viril, the testosterone, the violence, the faggotry, the child adult, the fragility, the privilege and its weight, the tenderness, the simplicity, the archetypal image of the Knight , the man in the popular folklore , the powerful against the oppressed, the six pack ab’s, the good, the ugly and the bad.

08 Sep 2016

Only are women

Emotional stories of women victims of the repression and cruelty of war, in a play directed by the renowned Director Carme Portacceli. Miriam Iscla, Maika Makovski and Sol Picó interpret the characthers of fighting tireless and authentic heroines that defended the rights that the citizens acquired during the second Republic.
Only are women is a show multidisciplinary, of her company FEI, where involved it interpretation, the dance and the music, by the hand of three women. The five characters are played by the same actress, Miriam Iscla, who interacts with the wellknown dancer Sol Picó, as a representation of all the women of the world, and with singersongwriter Maika Makovski, the voice of the unconscious. Theatre, dance and music in a tribute to all the fighters condemned to silence.
08 Sep 2016

Sol Picó at the International Festival of Music and Dance of Granada

Sol Picó will choreograph Henry V of Shakespeare, piece included in the International Festival of Musician and Dance of Grenada. The concert will be offered by the Symphonic  Orchestra and the RTVE’s choir, the 19 of June in Charles’s V Palace, in commemoration of the centenarian IV of Cervantes‘s  &  Shakespeare’s death and will be recorded by TVE.

From the score that William Walton did for an English film filmed the 1944 by Lawrence Olivier based on Henry V of Shakespeare, Neville Marriner and Christopher Palmer prepared an arrangement that will be able to listen in Grenada in a Paco Azorin‘s scenic version, with the narration of the actor Tristán Ulloa, musical direction of the director Miguel Ángel GómezMartínez and choreography by Sol Picó. In the second part of the program, the orchestra and the director will interpret The Quixot of Richard Strauss, that will have the inducement of the performance as a soloist of the also granadinian Guillermo Pastrana, one of the great Spanish violin players of his generation.