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One-hit wonders

31/05/3014 Mostra de Teatre d'Alcoi

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Memorias de una pulga

9/5/2014 Serantes Kultur Aretoa Indoor 60'

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Spanish Omelette

Outdoor 30'

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El Llac de les Mosques

Indoor 60'

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Sol Picó cia de danza

Sol Picó

"Sol Picó is a Professional Contemporary Dance company that was founded in 1994 by the dancer and choreographer Sol Picó - hence, the name- Her work can be classified as a mixture of genres and style-lines. Her matured technique is based on a clash of energy, dynamics and accuracy and complements her organic creations. Humor is always one of her allies."

La Piconera

La Piconera is the artistic residence of the Professional  Contemporary Dance Company Sol Picó.

From January 2013: Txiki Berraondo gives work sessions of Dramaturgy and interpretation.

And much more: Initiation to contemporary dance, Contemporary dance for children, Theatre improvisation, Tai Chi, Yoga...

Check all our activities in the blog: La Piconera de Sol Picó.

Next Performances

05/05/2016 Fabbrica Europa, Florencia, Italia, W.W (We Women)

07/05/2016 Fabbrica Europa, Florencia, Italia, ONE-HIT WONDERS

13/05/2016 La Caldera, Barcelona, ONE-HIT WONDERS

10-20/07/2016 CDC-Les Hivernales, Festival d'Avignon, Francia, ONE-HIT WONDERS

......and more here

They say about us...


About Amor Diesel:


"A risky show, colorful, funny, ironic and, above all, full of energetic and provocative dance that characterizes the performances of the Pico. [...]. Brilliant. " Rosalia Gomez, Diario de Sevilla (09/09/2003)



Sol Picó C/ Sancho Marraco, 6  08004 - Barcelona Tel.: + 34 93 3293904 Fax: + 34 93 3293903  solpico@solpico.com